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Dec 22, 2019


  1. Fibre's are dead - long live "Virtual Threads"
  2. Undelimited continuations are not functions
  3. R2DBC 0.8.0 goes GA - Reactive database clients for Java
  4. RUST: Shipping a compiler every 6 weeks
    1. User reported stable regressions
    2. Bisecting Rust Compiler Regressions with cargo-bisect-rustc
  5. Microsoft: We're creating a new Rust-based programming language for secure coding
      1. I.e. they're not, this is just another research language. MS is however still heavily looking at rust, and employing rust developers.
  6. Unleashing the (Armed) Bear past Java 11
  7. Using Jlink to shrink your webservices… including nativeimages in the followup tweets
  8. Style guide for Text Blocks
  9. Lambda performance in node - regressions:
    1. Version 13.5.0 -- Questionable Changes? "My testing indicates that the for...of construct is about 60-70% slower as opposed to a classic for(let i; i; i++)."

JEPs for JDK 14

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