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Nov 5, 2011

Join the Mark, Richard, and Greg for a discussion on Google Dart, Javascript, and Coffeescript with guest Rowan Crawford.

  • Google releases Dart - the ‘javascript’ killer - videos from Goto. Cay Horstman’s first thoughts, even Gilad thought people would be dissapointed based on the hype.  The specification is Creative Commons and current implementation is BSD.
  • Jim Hugunin ( Jython / IronPython fame ) on his Dart Compiler in Dart hack.
  • Dart develop Bob Nystrom also writes Magpie for experimentation.
  • MD: A lot of people diss the idea of Dart, but embrace Coffeescript - why!?!  ( We bring Mr @wombleton from SMX on help us not sound like total script-haters ).
  • MD: Good thing I like about dart - no truthiness - you MUST be truthful in your expresions - ie. if (something = “true”).   truthiness is handy, but so prone to problems IMHO.
  • MD: libraries/packages seem to be a big reason for dart - an import is via a URI so versioning is supported indirectly.
  • MD: Javascript ES6 is actually looking quite nice - interesting that it gets classes similar (ish) to Dart.
  • Has static analysis reached its limits? Warning, Thought-doesn’t-works zone.
  • Kotlin is an interesting topic here - jetbrains moving their static analysis foo to the compiler level - could have interesting implications.
  • Is the NoSQL vs SQL really static typing vs no-static-typing like languages?
    • Whine
    • Greg’s favorite topic ;)