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Jul 16, 2009

Episode #14 is an almost solo-cast with Mark and Greg in the absense of both Greg and Antony. Sit back with your colorred pens and get ready to draw your next program in Piet!

Kerry Sainsbury
eight and a half years ago

I was amused to hear you get sucked into the standard Microsoft answer for shitty software: Yes there are problems with the current version, but we promised it\\\'s all fixed in the NEXT version (of SQL Server in your example). You just need to install the latest beta (whose deficiencies you should tolerate, because it\\\'s a beta).

The other standard response is \\\"We don\\\'t use that technology any more -- we\\\'ve built a BRAND NEW super-duper technology that is going to be so much better. Version 1.0, so there may be some issues, but the NEXT version will be AWESOME\\\".

John Hurst
eight and a half years ago

Re: Java 7 not having many language changes: which Java versions have? Java 5 had a lot. Java 1.1 had some significant ones too (nested classes). But I\\\'m hard-put to think of language changes in 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 6 -- I know there were *some*, but there were less than are proposed for Java 7.

Anyway, I am in the camp of \\\"leave Java (the language) more or less alone, there is too much code out there to mess with it too much. Move on to Groovy and Scala for the new ways of doing things.\\\"

Keep it up,

John Hurst

Cheap Laptops
eight and a half years ago

es, well, now that I *have* listened I\\\'m thoroughly embarrassed, but grateful that it wasn\\\'t just me that caused you to have to put a warning on the thing........

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eight and a half years ago

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