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Google group and listener bonus!

Aug 21, 2009

Hey everyone - Richard here. We have started a new Google Group for discussions around Illegal Argument so they are more accessible than the comments on this blog. The URL is

Greg currently has the assignment for "meatier" topics to talk about, but you have some to suggest, feel free to post them here. Java/JVM/JVM Community related please :-)

And for the listener bonus! Infinitest which I have been speaking about using (and which makes a huge difference to my ability to do TDD in Eclipse) have a special 25% off the commercial license cost - just use the coupon "Illegal-Argument-Rocks". There are only 50 of them (well, 49 now) and they last until the end of August, so be in quick! I'll be talking about it more as I try and fold it in to my Groovy development in Eclipse.

Oh, and none of us are commercially (or non-commercially) involved with the guys, I just think their product is incredible.