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Mark, Greg, and Peter's semi-weekly discussion about topics relating to the Java/JVM space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus. Contact Us

Nov 4, 2009

After what seems a lifetime and a half, Illegal Argument #26 finally sees the light of day after a hiatus of holidays, hacking weekends, JUG nights and pure indulgent lazyness...

— As always, theme music "Past within a future" provided by Athen's prog rock band Fractals, licensed under Creative Commons.

Chris Mountford
eight and a half years ago

Hey you guys should introduce your topics more clearly. When listening headlessly (as I do) where there are no visible shownotes it can take several minutes of listening to banter before the topic becomes apparent.

Audio quality and noises (like that damn clock in the background) also detracts, but otherwise, your podcast is great and this was no exception.

Mark Derricutt
eight and a half years ago

It\\\'s funny you mention the clock as I don\\\'t think I\\\'ve ever actually heard it!