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Feb 21, 2010

...and now for something different.

  • Richard gets his Nexus One
  • Doubletwist joins forces with TMobile
  • Sky TV Browser stats
  • IntelliJ buillt for 1.6, no longer runs on Tiger
  • Apple iPad
  • @Inject lacks optional flags
  • Symbian going open source
  • Whats in the build?
    • Cil - A distributed issue tracker
    • TeamCity change log
    • Maven Changes Plugin / Maven Changelog Plugin
    • Distribution Version Control and 'resolved' flow - resolved locally, but not integrated
  • Google Buzz
This weeks intro/outtro music was "Life Boat" by Edwin Derricutt from the forthcoming album 3 Hours South. 

Scott Rogers
eleven and a half years ago

Hey guys, great to have you back!
Re the Google phones; I must say I like the idea of having a dashboard, but I think I\\\'ll stick to my iPhone...

Tim Jacobsen
eleven and a half years ago

hmm, randomly stumbled upon this site... nice work!

I have recently purchased an Nexus and have found though its actually not that much different on the surface to an iPhone.. with the large touch screen and all and downloadable applications & music it seems like a copy...

BUT wow, look under the hood and it\'s superiority will shine out of its ass like nothing else I\'ve seen, opensource based OS, 1Ghz Processor, 512 MB ram, It can actually multitask like my old Nokia and it has a micro SD slot and replaceable batteries, so stick that in your iPhone and smoke it :)

BTW, to turn off your 3g/2g internet connection (if you\'re travelling overseas for instance you\'d be charged mega for data) you can do this by adding something infront of the APN setting of your default APN (called Vodafone on my phone) \'APN type\', it normally says \'default,suplr\' if you add an x in front so it reads\'xdefault,suplr\' and it won\'t be able to connect, then change it back to connect later :)

eleven and a half years ago

You Antony mentioned off-handily Databinder dispatch and how most of it is over-loaded, interesting he mentioned that and my partner and I were saying something to that effect a few days ago. We cannot seem to make heads or tails of it. Great Podcast, and thanks to Richard for not being bored about something.

eleven and a half years ago

My apologies, I noticed I wrote my comment to the wrong episode, please disregard it or if you feel so inclined you can correct it by placing it on the correct one.