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Jul 6, 2010

Illegal Argument 45: Enterprise Crybabies


  • Swype: From the creator of the T9 predictive text for mobile phones comes Swype - a new innovative approach to entering text by simply swiping your finger over the keyboard rather than pressing keys.
  • Web Services: Contract or Code first design?
  • OpenJDK or Sun/Oracle JDK: For server side code, is OpenJDK acceptable?
  • Java Web Hosting: Now that is gone - what's out there for java hosting?
  • JDK5 or JDK6: Do we care about one or the other on our hosting provider?
  • Are Java Ruby developers returning to the JVM for clojure?: A lot of clojure talks at ruby conferences lately.
  • Git User Interfaces: Do you use the command line, or a GUI tool?
  • Using Selenium as a scripting tool: Madness or just good old kiwi ingenuity?
  • Code Re-Review: How much is too much?
  • Lazy Initialization: How to handle this in clojure? It's a pity I was talking about my a*se on this.
  • Irresponsible Releases of Security "Tools": How soon should you sit on an exploit before putting it in the wild?
  • Testing Maven Plugins: How do I test the clojure-maven-plugin? Or do I?
  • Maven Version Ranges: Ranges can be painful when back porting.