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Nov 15, 2021

Once again it's been a long time coming between episodes, Auckland's recent extended Covid lock down and Mark's unscheduled and temporary relocation meant we missed out on discussion the release of Java 17 - and with Java 18 not all that far away, we thought it was about time to once again get our record on.

Andres Almiray once again joins us to talk releases, and specifically the JReleaser tool.

Table of Contents

00:00:11 Introduction
00:00:59 Lockdowns and Freedoms
00:03:45 Java 17 and 18 Releases
00:04:47 Java 17 Uptake
00:05:37 Misconceptions of The Module System
00:07:49 Spring 6 and Spring Boot 3 move to JDK 17 Minimum
00:08:56 Maven Enforcer Plugin: Extra Enforce Rule - Enforce Bytecode
00:11:40 Java LTS Releases Switching to 2 year cycle
00:14:13 Quality of Life Language Changes In Smaller Releases
00:16:00 Java Version Migration
00:20:11 Is The Release Process Broken
00:21:10 Reproducible Builds
00:22:32 Maven Artifact Plugin
00:24:36 Introducing JReleaser
00:28:07 OSX Package Managers vs Tarballs
00:29:23 JBang
00:31:10 JReleaser Deployment Targets
00:33:55 Replacing Ansible/Puppet?
00:41:25 JRelease for Non Java / C++ Projects
00:42:10 Live at HEAD
00:44:34 JRelease for Non Java / C++ Projects (cont)
00:51:15 JReleaser Configuration Formats
00:54:22 Upcoming 1 Release and Potential Renaming
00:58:27 Lombok and 1.x
01:01:21 SDK Man releases via JReleaser
01:04:04 Does JReleaser release itself?
01:06:10 Rolling Releases and Announcers
01:14:02 Closing Rant: Automated Code Formatters