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Mark, along with co-host Greg's ongoing discussions and arguments relating to the Java/JVM and general development/language space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus. Contact Us

Sep 12, 2020

Welcome to The Greg Cast

Jul 2, 2020

After a lockdown/reopen period we're back with another argument.

WARNING: The recording dropped out half way thru, and… creative edits were made. Your ears have been warned.

  • Java 15 Ramp Down
  • Second preview of Records
  • Greg doesn't care for new JDKs whereas Mark wants to treat the JDK as "just a...

May 17, 2020

What’s this? Another Illegal Argument episode already? And so close to the last one - it seems the shift to working from home and remote recording has already showed a payoff.

During the last episode, I’d had it in my mind to discuss the need to improve our documentation, and general communication skills that...

Apr 23, 2020

Welcome to the “Locked Down Dependencies” remote recorded using whilst both Greg and I are stuck in a national COVID-19 lockdown.

Full links to topics discussed can be found in the shared bookmark folder on Raindrop, but during tonights episode we discuss:

  • How lockdown is affecting us
  • The Release of...