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Mark, Greg, and Peter's semi-weekly discussion about topics relating to the Java/JVM space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus. Contact Us

May 26, 2010

  • 5 Second Test
  • Closures.... again :P
  • Clojure Annotation Syntax - EJB Example
  • Leiningen vs Polyglot Maven
  • Scala Binary Incompatibility
  • Perforce vs Git
  • CVS/Subversion is the death call of Open Source
  • Perl migration to Git
  • Perl 5 work restarted
  • Gerrit - Code Review
  • Linux machines send more viruses
  • Maven pain of the week: maven-release-plugin
  • Software Estimation and Planning - Function Point counting
  • Bugtrackers Suck
  • IntelliJ IDEA Groovy DSL support