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Aug 8, 2010

    • Languages
    • node.js - a server side Javascript framework based on Google's V8 Engine
    • infoq article
    • Langs summit - day 2, lots of language research!
    • And now its time for a non-a-methodology-dology! The Oath of Non-Alleigance
    • Hell Pizza - Hell Stupid.
    • CSS - tagging only for testing purposes.
    • The functionality doesn't need the CSS style, but finding it when you're testing is much easier if you give it a tag. Do you?
    • GWT can do this with debugIds, which get stripped out, but Sky doesn't use them because they test something that isn't deployed. Is this part of Google doesn't get it, or a good idea?
    • NIO and NNIO are dead. IO is back.
    • Mailinator presentation is *very* interesting. 
  • Illegal Argument 47