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Mark, along with co-host Greg's ongoing discussions and arguments relating to the Java/JVM and general development/language space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus. Contact Us

May 8, 2009

Welcome to the first publicly released episode of Greg, Mark, and Richard's new weekly discussion on Java, the JVM, New Zealand and anything else that sometime comes to mind.

Episode 4 contains a discussion on:

  • Comet & Reverse AJAX book -
  • Grizzly project - Built for Glassfish on top of Tomcat and pulled out later
  • Sun Dev Day -
  • Script Kiddies -
  • Port Knocking -
  • -
  • Tail Call Optimization on the JVM -
  • JInterface -
  • Chariot Tech Casts (Google discussion) -
  • XKCD -

John Hurst
over thirteen years ago

Great work, keep it up!

The discussion about static vs dynamic made me think more carefully about what I like about Groovy. I realized that most of what I actually like the most in Groovy is not due to its dynamic nature at all, it is more to do with elegance and concise expression. And I think Scala gives me a lot of that.
- No redundant type declarations
- Closures
- Natural syntax for rich literals

The biggest feature missing from Scala is GString.

Also, I admit that Builders are very handy, and some of Groovy\\\'s builders (i.e. MarkupBuilder) are probably not doable in Scala. But others probably are. (SwingBuilder?)

Other dynamic stuff, such as dynamic finders used in Grails etc, I\\\'m not sure about, for large scale applications. I don\\\'t dispute their productivity benefits, but I have doubts about code readability and comprehension. Then again, any complex framework has these issues. We use Tapestry a lot and it does so much stuff under the covers that debugging can be hard ... even though it\\\'s straight Java.

Looking forward to more episodes! You guys rock.

John Hurst

over thirteen years ago

Hi, I am not living in Auckland anymore so I will not be able to assist to the JUG meetups. I find the podcasts veeeery interesting and I would love to have more podcasts and possible the JUGs as well? I would really love to be able to listen to your discussions.
Thanks. Aram

over thirteen years ago

Hi guys, I\\\'ve just found you thanks to the Java Posse. What a surprise!
I\\\'ve just started listening to your first podcast (well, #4).
I agree, the audio is a bit soft.
Anyway, the topics you\\\'ve chosen seem interesting. Looking forward to the next episodes!

Mario Camou
over thirteen years ago

Guys, PLEASE resize your thumbnail image! I\\\'m using DoggCatcher, a podcatcher that runs on Android, and your feed makes the podcatcher crash because of the image size. Image thumbnails are supposed to be that...thumbnails!

Thanks! (I can\\\'t say \\\"good job\\\" or comment about the podcast until I actually listen to it)

Mark Derricutt
over thirteen years ago

Mario - the MP3 has been reposted with smaller image art in the file.

Jeremy Ross
over thirteen years ago

Congrats on getting out the \\\"first\\\" episode. I enjoyed hearing you guys getting into the nitty gritty of languages, frameworks, etc. Some people will probably complain about the length. It suits me just fine though. I think 1-2 hours is a good length when you\\\'re going to be discussing serious geekery.

I\\\'d only request that you normalize or compress the levels, which were too low. I had my iphone volume almost maxed in order to hear, which caused my eardrums to get abused when the phone rang. I\\\'ve heard some podcasters mention Levelator, a free cross-platform tool for podcast audio that can work wonders on your levels.

Looking forward to future episodes.