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Jun 7, 2009

After a weeks hiatus due to lost audio (which we hope to maybe recover) we're back with episode 8 of the Illegal Argument. As 7 may yet turn up we're sticking with the numbering even thou it may be confusing to people.

Today we're discussing Lisp once more, why people use Eclipse, IT Certification, Model Drivel Architecture and Sausages.

As always, intro/outro music "Past Within A Future" by the Greek prog rock band Fractals, available under Creative Commons.

over eleven years ago

Really enjoyed this episode. Good to hear Java criticism from actual practitioners.

The fade out/fade in editing at the beginning was a bit off putting. Cut out the paper shuffling sound as well.

Richard Paul
over eleven years ago

Regarding the comments on Roo, it sounds like the generated controllers are done in a Spring MVC annotation style.

Check Ben Alex\\\'s demo from SpringOne Europe 2009. Controller info starts around 53 mins. 1h 6 mins has a generated manual controller.

Kerry Sainsbury
over eleven years ago

Greg was right (Richard was wrong) about case tools. It certainly wasn\\\'t just databases -- perhaps that it was that Richard was dealing with Oracle :-) It was supposed to be a beautiful way to build apps just by drawing.

Post-Case tools, and post-MDA, we have BPM which is a bit more focused.