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Mark, along with co-host Greg's ongoing discussions and arguments relating to the Java/JVM and general development/language space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus. Contact Us

Feb 17, 2022


Java Stuff

  • Java 18 set for March 22, 2022
    • The new features in Java 18
    • Mark Reinhold: There are no unresolved P1 bugs in build 36, so that is the first JDK 18 Release Candidate. Binaries available here, as...

Nov 15, 2021

Once again it's been a long time coming between episodes, Auckland's recent extended Covid lock down and Mark's unscheduled and temporary relocation meant we missed out on discussion the release of Java 17 - and with Java 18 not all that far away, we thought it was about time to once again get our record on.


Mar 19, 2021

In an unprecedented show of activity - merely two weeks after the new years first episode (170) Mark and Greg are back, this time joined by Andres Almiray (Oracle) and Stephen Connolly (Cloudbees) to discuss all things build, modules, this weeks Java 16 release, and why Java programmers should take a look at the rust...

Mar 7, 2021

Illegal Argument Episode 170

Mark and Greg emerge from their 2020/2021 Christmas/New Year breaks, and temporary Level 3 lock down to break their silence, attempt to remember how to podcast, and further the rumor that we only record an episode on the eve of a new Java release.

Table of Contents

  • 0:44 Holiday Periods
  • 1:27...