Illegal Argument

Episode #14 is an almost solo-cast with Mark and Greg in the absense of both Greg and Antony. Sit back with your colorred pens and get ready to draw your next program in Piet!

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In the continuing saga of clearing the podcast backlog, episode #13 also escapes to your unsuspecting ears - join the guys as we ponder quitting our jobs and flipping hamburgers for a change...

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Following this years CITCON ANZ 2009 in Brisbane, Mark sits down with fellow kiwis Nigel Charman and John Hurst to discuss:

  • The transrelational model in databases and database scaling, Sybase requiring stored procedures for metadata, and using unitils to automatically disable constraints during testing.
  • Releasing from branches
  • Jetbrains MPS and the Charisma bugtracker which is now in EAP.
  • Wikis for documentation
  • Python, Delphi, and embedded scripts in databases
  • White space or tabs?
  • CITCON (we actually talk about it!)
  • Token commits, pre-commits, and continuous integration

WARNING: This episode is a long discussion - you might need some coffee.

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Oh hai listeners - we're clearing that silence with a deluge of backlogged podcasts, in episode #11 we talk about Android, Netbooks, Languages, and other things (of course, regular listeners will know we cover these topics all the time...).

Show notes will be updated with links below:

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Not content with releasing the belated episode 7, we also have episode #10!

Theme music "Past within the future" by Greek band Fractals

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People thought they'd never hear this mythical lost episode #7 after someone forgot to plug in the microphone... but no - here it is ;-)

We cover grails moving to tomcat, jetty vs tomcat, netbeans and eclipses maven support, unit testing vs integration testing, modularization, and other stuff...

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