Illegal Argument

Due to an unfortunate recording problem (someone forgot to plug in the microphone) this weeks podcast got recorded on the internal microphone of the MacBook. As the recording suffered too many sound issues (distance, fan noises, and the on the rare case that Mark actually speaks - frog like sounds) we've decided not to post this episode.

Episode #7 will now come next week - and we'll make sure to plug things in :-)

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Richard, Greg and Mark sit down for a somewhat long winded circular conversation on cloud databases, SQL and (potential) Javascript injection attacks:

Podcast planning made with Mind Meister, intro/outro music "Past Within A Future" by the Greek prog rock band Fractals, available under Creative Commons.

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Illegal Argument Episode 5 - Greg, Mark, and Richard discuss

  • Borlands sale to Microfocus
  • Windows 7 upgrade madness,
  • Language diversity and Microsoft's new parallel programming language Axum
  • Static vs dynamic template generation.
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Welcome to the first publicly released episode of Greg, Mark, and Richard's new weekly discussion on Java, the JVM, New Zealand and anything else that sometime comes to mind.

Episode 4 contains a discussion on:

  • Comet & Reverse AJAX book -
  • Grizzly project - Built for Glassfish on top of Tomcat and pulled out later
  • Sun Dev Day -
  • Script Kiddies -
  • Port Knocking -
  • -
  • Tail Call Optimization on the JVM -
  • JInterface -
  • Chariot Tech Casts (Google discussion) -
  • XKCD -
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