Illegal Argument

Unsupported Operation - Episode 2

Recorded Sunday After CITCON with Mark and John Hurst.

  • H2 is in fact a complete rewrite of Hypersonic
  • Apologies to Robert fletcher, RV meant Robert Fischer (regards WTF license).
  • Atlassian
  • Universal Plugin Manager - *yay* having autoupdating plugins in Jira finally would be nice. It was always a pain to manually do.
  • GateIN 3.1 Released - This is the merger of eXo and JBoss Portal Server.
  • NPanday 1.2 Released - Again, not Java but Java related - NPanday is a set of Maven plugins for working with .NET projects, and a Visual Studio plugin for keeping pom.xml/solution project files in sync.
  • First public release of Infinite Graph now available - from Objectivity/db - new Graph Database with distributed capabilities.
  • Alex Ruiz has posted FEST-Swing 1.2.1 to the Codehaus Maven Repository (which syncs to central). This is a "for maven users" only release.
  • Jspresso 3.5 is out - Jspresso is a free and opensource framework to build server-centric, multi-ui RIAs. The 3.5.0 version introduces a new Groovy-based DSL, an Eclipse plugin and the support for qooxdoo UI among lots of other improvements.
  • New MEAP edition of Clojure in Action available, adds Chapter 9 on Storage and clj-record, an Active Record framework for clojure.
  • Scala 2.8.0 RC6 is out ( 19th, so last week )
  • Red Hat launches hybrid cloud platform - Red Hat has launched a comprehensive package, called Red Hat Cloud Foundations, that will allow organizations to run applications in both public clouds and their own private clouds.


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  • Java
  • Farewell Google Collections - Welcome Google Guava. Guava release 05 is out and in maven central.
  • Spring Tool Suite 3.0.3 is out - more than 100 bug fixes. Spring still suffers from no separation of api from implementation and so each dependency is bloated with implementations for libraries you will never use. Yay.
  • HyperSQL 2.0 released - not H2 (which is a different db).
  • Eclipse 3.6 due for release June 23rd (US) - Helios.
  • Marketplace
  • Ability to export more options as you agree on them as a team
  • Lots of fixes in the editor
  • Clojure
  • Mark released clojure-maven-plugin 1.3.3 this week, minor fixes, 1.3.4 should be out soon fixing some other minor things discovered
  • Groovy
  • Groovy 1.7.3 released - mr haki as usual goes through whats in 1.7.3, hilights include @InheritedConstructor, some new methods on dates, extra facilities around string handling
  • GContracts 1.1 - a framework for design by contract that uses Groovy AST and annotations to take contracts and insert asserts that fulfill them into your method bodies. It currently supports both pre and post conditions and condition inheritance.
  • Spock 0.4- bring on the mocking. Spock is a Groovy based Unit testing DSL which really ramps up the use of the AST in Groovy to make testing expressive. RV: also makes it look way too perl like for my reading.
  • Tools
  • Breaks a lot of plugins - new version of enclojure will be out shortly for clojure fans


Theme music "Emotional Upgrade" by John Zealey - licensed under Creative Commons.


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