Illegal Argument

Recorded a few weeks ago, we have a short episode to wrap up the end of the year (ok, it's short cause I edited out a large portion of waffle, which was an interesting discussion, wasn't really focused enough to be coherant for listening).

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Join Richard and Mark for a special edition discussion with Michael Neale of Cloudbees about about Hudson, Cloud Computing, Polyglot Programming and the sad state of southern hemisphere weather.

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Yet another episode that's way late - sorry folks - we'll do better in the future! Join us and some guests for a discussion on Lisp, C++, Java and other topics of interest.../p>

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From the archives of "you thought you'd never hear it" comes Episode 52 of Illegal Argument.  We originally recorded this almost a month ago and for one reason or another we found ourselves snowed under and unable to release it.

Unfortunately due to various reasons I don't have show notes available, so this post will get updated with notes soon.

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