Illegal Argument


  • Slack sucks, and Greg can rewrite it in a day.
  • Self hosted slack?
  • Hipchat from Atlasssian
  • Matter Most
  • Electron based Apps - scourge of memory
  • ASCIIDOCTOR is based on Ruby, and in my project which uses it I get weird JRuby/Gems problems - ONLY under jenkins on linux.
  • Pupper + Ruby + Gems / Chef ^ Clojure = Devops.
  • Feedback from last show:
    • Just use Docker for rebuilding images ( thats for the image, not the source IN the image tho )
    • Programmable builds done right with Kobalt from Cedric Beust.
  • Last Week Tonight: Journalism(youtube)
  • If programming if math - we all fail.
  • JVM Language Summit 2016 Videos
    • Jigsaw - it’ll be a pain
      • ResultSet is actually in JavaSE, not EE, and is only an interface.
      • Jigsaw moves this to the java.sql module.
    • OSGi Split Packages - a nitemare
    • Value Types - worthwhile?
    • Maps turning null for both absent/empty value, but return Optional<T>
  • Jenkins Hate?
  • Greg dislikes Jira - like really dislikes Jira.
  • Silicon Valley - Scrum(youtube)
  • Cube Drone - Scrum (youtube)
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Making builds by making make make MakeFiles.

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Lately it seems we've been rather busy to record, so it was good to finally get 2/3's of us together to actually record, and discuss languages from a less argumentative level ( no wild type theory arguments or build rants ) even tho some of those familiar topics arose in passing.

Most of this weeks discussion revolve around a series of videos, or posts that Greg had recently watched:

Later in the episode we discuss my recent foray into learning/using ANTLR 4 and comparing it to jparsec and parboiled.


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So it's been a quiet few months in the build cycle but we thought it was about time to release a new episode, so here - enjoy episode 139 - largely unedited, unprepared, full of ranty goodness.

  1. Jigsaw is finally in Java
  2. C# is a better language
  3. Properties...


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