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Mark, along with co-host Greg's ongoing discussions and arguments relating to the Java/JVM and general development/language space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus. Contact Us

Aug 14, 2016


  • Slack sucks, and Greg can rewrite it in a day.
  • Self hosted slack?
  • Hipchat from Atlasssian
  • Matter Most
  • Electron based Apps - scourge of memory
  • ASCIIDOCTOR is based on Ruby, and in my project which uses it I get weird JRuby/Gems problems - ONLY under jenkins on linux.
  • Pupper + Ruby + Gems / Chef ^ Clojure =...

Jul 3, 2016

Making builds by making make make MakeFiles.

  • Building Go From Make - bad puns and jokes, Gentoo/Debian packaging
  • Maven - the best of the bunch of bad things.
  • Separating build from dependency management.
  • Releases as tagged source code - binaries are just ‘artefacts of the build’
  • Gophers, please tag your releases-...

May 22, 2016



May 5, 2016

Lately it seems we've been rather busy to record, so it was good to finally get 2/3's of us together to actually record, and discuss languages from a less argumentative level ( no wild type theory arguments or build rants ) even tho some of those familiar topics arose in passing.

Most of this weeks discussion revolve...